The complex universe we live in resembles an orchestra missing its conductor.

We apply an integrated approach across multiple disciplines creating added value along every step of the process. We help clients meet their goals with time-efficient creative direction, result-oriented consulting, and the holistic design of products, spaces and purposeful communications.

Anselmo Custer

graduated in industrial design from one of the most prestigious art and design universities, the Swiss École cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ÉCAL) in 2015. Studying at ÉCAL involved the completion of numerous internships in Murano, Valencia and Copenhagen, gaining experience alongside inspiring designers like Héctor Serrano, Borealis and Sebastian Holmbäck, to name but a few. Once graduated he worked for nearly three years for the London based duo Barber & Osgerby. Multiple award winning designers, author of the London Olympic torch 2012, the Vitra TipTon chair and the Tobi Ishi table for B&B Italia.

Giulio Waller

is a graphic designer and art director. He graduated from the Centro scolastico per le industrie artistiche (CSIA) in Lugano in 2010 and collaborated with creative digital agencies and independent art studios based in London, Lausanne and Lugano, continuously enriching his global portfolio. Giulio had the opportunity to contribute to diverse thrilling projects and work with various clients, ranging from small local businesses to large international corporations. Which naturally enhanced his ability to adapt to a given environment and face new design challenges with a tireless dynamic attitude.

We are

Lively, peppy, energetic

Dead serious about work

Without lose our sense humor

Competent designers

Positive people

And over all... forever curious

We do

Brand identity

Brand strategy

Product design

Visual identity

Interior design

Graphic design

Installation and pop up

Furniture design

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Some of our clients

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A baker knows the right quantities of flour, water, salt and yeast he needs to mix to bake the perfect loaf of bread.
We bake design.

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